Excellent Job

SEOTrain has done an excellent job on writing and posting these articles. All are high quality, original and make perfect sense.

Thanks guys, I am ordering more!


The service is awesome

Review: I ordered the Super Power Pack which is 50 web2.0s with unique, original content. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this service, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Here's a run down of the service:

TAT - I ordered on September 19 and quickly received my report on September 26, which is very good for them having to write 50 unique articles and making the web2.0s.

Article Quality - The articles are all 400 or so words long and are hand written, which is what matters to me. Yes, the articles may not have the best grammar, but for content on tier 1 links its good enough! I'm not going to get penalized because of bad grammar.

Web2.0 itself - All of the web2.0s are on high PR authority sites, and almost each and everyone had at least a picture and/or a video. Plus the report comes with all of the login information, so if I wanted something changed I could easily do it myself.

Communication - I don't have anything to say about communication because I had no need to talk to SeoTrain, but I saw him on Skype a lot and he informed me when the work had been completed.

Cost - I believe this service has the best price for web2.0's on BHW with unique content. $149 for 50 web2.0s breaks down to just under $3 per web2.0, which is awesome because usually just an article costs $5! The bottom line is, I'd much rather just purchase this service than make my own web2.0s because my time is money and its easier than getting VA's to do the job.

Overall, this service is awesome and is well worth it. I highly recommend it for people who are looking for web2.0s or want to start a good foundation for their offsite SEO. I will be ordering more from you in the future, thanks a lot SeoTrain!


Great service

Great service with excellent content and strong links.

I Know Seo

Review Time

I ordered the basic package of super power web 2.0 links. I gave some picture and videos to OP and he did a wonderful job. All the web 2.0 looks like authority blogs with images and videos and a few links to some websites like Wikipedia etc. This is one of the hottest web 2.0 services on Blackhatworld. Even all the spun articles are readable. I will post a screenshot of my rankings very soon. Some of web 2.0 blogs are not indexed yet but I know they will take a few days. I will order again that’s for sure.

Article Quality 9.0/10
Web 2.0 Page Rank 9.5/10
Turn Around Time 9/10

Thank you SEO Train for the great service. Good Luck for your sales!


Received my Report

Received my report today. 6 days after i ordered, well done! it's to early to see any serp changings. but i hope for them


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